Today   4°C
Cloudy with Light Rain Likely

 Rain 3.9 mm 55% Wind ENE 20 km/h
Tonight   2°C
Cloudy with Wintry Mix Likely

Humidity 97% Rain 7.9 mm 61%
Wind NNW km/h
Tomorrow   3°C
Mostly Cloudy with Slight Chance of Light Snow

UVI 1  Rain 0.0 mm 15%
Wind WNW 19 km/h
Tomorrow Night   -1°C
Mostly Cloudy

Humidity 86% Rain 0.0 mm 0%
Wind NW 16 km/h
Tuesday   2°C
Mostly Cloudy

 Rain 0.0 mm 0% Wind NW km/h
Tuesday Night   -2°C
Partly Cloudy

Humidity 76% Rain 0.0 mm 0%
Wind NNE km/h
Wednesday   0°C
Mostly Cloudy

 Rain 0.0 mm 0% Wind NNW 14 km/h
Wednesday Night   -3°C
Mostly Cloudy with Chance of Light Wintry Mix

Humidity 66% Rain 0.0 mm 28%
Wind NNW 11 km/h
Thursday   3°C
Cloudy with Chance of Light Wintry Mix

 Rain 1.8 mm 28% Wind SW 17 km/h
Thursday Night   2°C
Mostly Cloudy

Humidity 82% Rain 0.0 mm 0%
Wind WSW 12 km/h
Friday   5°C
Mostly Cloudy

 Rain 0.0 mm 0% Wind S 12 km/h
Friday Night   4°C

Humidity 78% Rain 0.0 mm 0%
Wind SW 11 km/h
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